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Turnkey Systems

Acquiring a new earth station, a VSAT network, or any fixed or mobile transmission system, require to take into account the continuous evolution of the technologies from the telecom and broadcast industry in order to identify the best fit with the actual need and its potential evolutions

For the main market applications: Broadcast, Telecom operators, Private networks or Security and Defense, the system approach requires addressing all the related topics such as civil works engineering, NMS, or for mobile solutions: coach building and power supply subsystem.


 METRACOM : system integrator

With its core business as a System integrator, Metracom never stop to improve its offer and process to better address its customer projects through the technology revolutions:

  • Taking all the environment and needs into account to fine tune the global system design.
  • Bench marking equipment’s to optimize the performances and costs with an agnostic approach.
  • Bringing a project management and reports at all steps of the system implementation.
  • Providing complete sets of documentation to optimize the integration, the installation, and the commissioning phases. These documentations simplify the technical acquisition by the customer and its operating staff.    
  • Providing complete test and validation prior to shipment to secure the installation and the operation phase.
  • Committing  on the result and the planning 
  • Providing customized trainings based on the system involved and including the main involved basis.
  • Providing technical support and maintenance contract adapted to the customer constraints



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