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Build  a communication network including specific needs such as QoS, mobility or fast deployment over areas without any terrestrial networks or poor terrestrial networks,  up-grade existing network to get more performances or save operational cost, refurbish existing ground station. All these situations require skilled engineers who are continuously up-to-date with the fast evolutions of the Telecom Industry and in particular satcom technologies. This in turn will decrease your expenses and optimize your result. 

METRACOM consulting : From tendering support to on-site commisioning

With more than 25 years in system integration in the sitcom industry, METRACOM offers a range of consultancies services with different approaches. From gathering the expertise from its different departments, METRACOM can provide technical consultancy services from pre-project evaluation to system commissioning. This includes, technology bench-mark, network sizing,   tendering management, system implementation follow-up, and acceptance tests. 

  • Helping in customer system specification, identifying and evaluating different technical approaches and solutions, bench-marking technologies with the respect of the customer environment and traffic profiles. In summary, optimization of the performance / cost ratio between the amount of investment and the cost of the space segment.

  • Space segment procurement support (Collecting and analyzing space segment offers, balance sheet analysis, coverage areas, etc…)

  • Networks and ground stations engineering tasks, availability computations of the end-to-end system. Ground stations architecture.

  • Identification of existing teleport and associated services for truncking solutions and backbone interfacing or setting-up of back-up for terrestrial networks with satellites trunks.

  • Coverage studies for DTTV deployment

  • Technical survey of existing ground stations or VSAT networks and budgetary quotation for upgrading or refurbishing.


We bring our strong expertise and solid investigations to better understand any new project and to steer it the right direction. Our main goal is to identify solutions with the lowest cost of ownership.



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