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Technical trainings

Whatever Satcom system it is to be operated on, like Vsat network, Uplink station, DSNG, Fly Away, etc. Each of them require having a minimum of technical knowledge in order to reach the best quality of means of transmission.

Understanding the technologies may bring better value to choose equipments and solutions during the project phase.  Being knowledgeable is also the way to get better performance during the operation phase and  eradicate any errors that may impact the service quality. It will result in less damages to the equipments and cause less disturbance to other users. In other words, technical training brings higher efficiency.  

The first training levels of maintenance grants autonomy to operators and thus better availability of a running system.

METRACOM training's : increasing your network power

Metracom is willing to accompany the users and to bring all its expertise, which may starts from project definition, at the system commissioning phase,  or during the operating phase to increase the user’scontrol.

Our training offer covers satellite communication technics and digital video transmission.  These training sessions are mainly dedicated to technical engineers, and technicians. It includes: technical basis, architectures presentations, and practice exercises. 

  • Introduction to Satcom systems
  • Antenna’s and RF equipments
  • Link budgets 
  • Ground station architectures
  • Ground station qualification principles
  • Digital transmission, mondem and bandwidth optimization
  • VSAT installation
  • Satellite GSM Backhauling techniques
  • Video compression: encoders, IRD’s & Mux
  • Wireless digital video transmission (COFDM)

As a registred training organization, Metracom offers customized training with a choice of modules in its facilities, or anywhere else.




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