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Factory integration

To deploy a new complete network, a ground station or even VSAT terminals for remote sites or for maritime applications. This is considerably more secure to check the  equipment's functionalities of the whole electronic parts and equipments before dispatching the system to the installation site. This generally allows to eradicate any trouble during the installation phase or even to face faulty equipment situations, requiring additional transportation operations and re-allocation of installation resources which may add a heavy financial impact.

These systems include electronic equipments which require high level of attention to be set-up properly. It is a must to measure the real performances on a per equipment basis, to confirm the sizing computations from the engineering phase.

It is also critical to check the RF specifications in accordance with the telecom standards and the satellite operator restrictions.


Metracom approach :

Our Factory integration service covers a wide of environment:

  • Full rack cabinets for technical rooms
  • Mini racks for fixed installation or on-board
  • Out-door cabinets
  • Complete shelters
  • On-board integration for Vehicles or Trailers.


This factory integrartion and tests services increase considerably the chance for a system to meet its best performances and the conformity, which is particularly critical for satellite transmissions.

This integration phase allows clarifying any faulty equipment situations prior to the installation phase, and allows to anticipate any corrections with vendor equipment. This is then will avoid any extra time and transportations during the installation, consequently impacting the cost and delay.

The system installation documentation describes accurately all the parts and the assembling process in order to simplify the installation task.

Test and performance reports give an accurate status prior to the installation.

The per-site partitioning of the equipments and parts, simplifies the dispatch for the transportation up to the installation sites.

And last but not least, for turn-key services including space segment, ground segment, and teleport services. The factory acceptance test generates a clear status to validate an invoice step before the shipment on installation sites.



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