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Customer support

SatCom and video transmission systems are generally requiring high level of service availability. Most of the organizations using such systems cannot accept to face any failure over too long periods of time or recurrent issues with their system, which is generally a critical piece in their own business. Preventive approach and fast reactivity with the right level of expertise is, then, a key factor to warranty the expected quality of service. Having a unique entry point to address faulty equipment from various vendors is also an advantage for the network ressources managment as well as for the logistics tasks.

METRACOM service contracts : 

We offers customized support services with strong commitments to all of our customers. We adapt to each customer needs  level of requirement and geographical situation. This service offer is built with different modules:

  • Program’s for on-site preventive maintenance in order to warranty the best system availability. Knowing that most of the out-door equipments require regular attention, and that RF chains need to be checked and re-aligned on a regular basis.
  • Hot Line support with ticket tracking
  • The entry point for faulty equipments with diagnostics and repair management.
  • On-Site intervention for trouble shooting and repairs at the system level.
  • Training programs for new operational staff, giving them the opportunity to be more skilled on the system, which allows it   to continue to be efficient and effective. 



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