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With a system integrator experience since 1986, supplying Ground stations, VSAT networks, microwave links, and M&C solutions. Metracom also offers a wide range of added-value services around to support its customers and partners from system or network specification up to the "on operation" Support. 

During the Engineering cycle of a Satcom system each phase is a source of optimization.  Using technical expertise to proceed through these engineering phases will greatly contribute to rise up the Return on Investment, Quality of Service, and decrease operational cost.

For commercial activities, these optimizations are a strong contribution to increase both, the number of subscribers with the network quality, and the revenue per subscriber with the network capacity. 

Using highly experimented Engineers’ on various projects over the world brings the shortest way to identify the more convenient solution including system architecture, technology choices, and also assistance for space capacity sourcing. 

Here again, with years of experience in system integration and installation, the simplest way to commit on the project services result, is to deliver the result. That’s why we propose all the implementation services and the support during all the system life, which includes:




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