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GSM and data backhauling

Telecom networks deployment over wide areas requires to use different physical links such as optical fiber, microwave links or satellite trunks. The trafic profile versus the distance generally allow to define the right backhauling solution.

For the rural areas with few number of users the coverage must be establish with the lowest investment and cutting also the operational costs. The VSAT remains the cheapest way to cover these areas with all the tools to reduce the space segment use.

With the growing use of telecom services, there is a clear need to optimize both voice and data traffic.

Voice, data and video aggregation requires also  to update the links capacity and optimization mechanisms.


Metracom approach : 

We propose high efficiency modems with optimization equipments at each levels for mobile and rural networks

  • Voice optimization at the ABIS and ATER level

  • Voice compression at the DCME level

  • Data trafic optimization for Web application using compression and web caching

  • Data trunking, with trafic shaping, and ACM tracking


Software solutions for trafic managment and network supervision provide real time informations on the networks and statistics on the system performance.  


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