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VSAT antennas


VSAT antennas are dedicated to two uses: transmitting and receiving and, in some cases, only receiving.

With first case, having radiation pattern and cross-pole compliant, with the FCC standards and the satellite operator’s requirements is critical to avoid any interference with other satellite users.   This criteria is in a process to be more and more important due to the increasing amount of the Satellite  traffic, and to the space reduction between each satellite on the geostationary orbit. 

Receive only antennas address mainly the broadcast market for video and audio contents distribution. The main feature, in this case, is the antenna gain.

The answer in terms of radio electrics performance for these antennas is mainly originated by the quality of the production process. The surface profile quality of the antenna, the feed and polarization isolation generally impacts the antenna cost.

For the antenna selection, it is important to check that the bands correspond to the application, and that transmit and receive gain and also noise temperature are compliant with the link budget.

Choosing an antenna model already approved by the satellite operator is generally the shortest and easiest way to deploy Vsat terminals.   

Metracom approach :

For each project, there are different considerations to take into account, such as, the link budget, environmental conditions, RF equipment to be used, and logistic aspects. Each  criteria will allow to optimize the best antenna choice. METRACO proposes a wide range of VSAT antennas, Tx-RX or Rxo, to fit with each common frequency bands through various diameters.



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