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Maritime VSAT terminals

The maritime world requires VSAT technology for applications such as internet, phone-communications, data transmissions or video-conference.    There is a growing need for IP broadband access and only stabilized VSAT platforms are able to provide always-on broadband access over the ocean with acceptable cost.


 Metracom : Maritme VSAT expert 

Metracom proposes reliable solutions answering the constraints of the marine environment. Maritime communications by satellite require the use of stabilized antennas in order to allow reliable emissions / receptions in spite of hostile climatic conditions and pitching.  A real time stabilized multi-axis system allows the isolation of the antenna from all the movements of the boat, and allow precise satellite pointing, under the most difficult conditions.

This solution suits to all type of applications: voice, video, Internet access, data transfers, video-conferencing,… for civil  or military applications.

  • C, X, Ku or Ka  Bands

  • 1m to 2.4m Antennas

  • IP centric architecture

  • Automatic positioning of the antenna

  • Meets european and military standards

  • Modems for SCPC or TDMA access

METRACOM’s offer includes the equipments, the installation, the training and also service contract giving access to technical support, on-board preventive and currative maintenance, space segment and tconnectivity services.



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