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Each satellite link or network may require different modem types depending upon many criterias:

  • The nature of the traffic flows.
  • The bit rates
  • The network topology from the point to point link until the point-multi-point or mesh networks.

Due to the huge variety of modems and the continuous improvement of their performances, it becomes complex to make the right choice. 

Metracom approach:

Identify the solution with the best compromise between operating cost and the investment value remains a constant concern. Reducing the spatial capacity and its associated costs are balanced with the investment amount. The traffic evolution and the installed base are also taken into account in the approach to select the modems. Among the various options, the following are considered:

  • Use of DVB-S2 and its extensions or concurrent solutions.
  • Access mode for the return links, such as SCPC, DAMA or TDMA.
  • Space segment optimization with carrier superposition techniques.
  • Use of reduced Roll-off to optimize carrier spacing.
  • Use of advanced coding and modulation to improve efficiency with the respect of the required Eb/No.
  • Use of VCM and ACM.
  • Latency particularly with the respect of low bit rates.
  • Adequacy of the IP protocols, considering TCP acceleration, QoS, Header and payload compression.
  • Data Encryption
  • Network management system.

For small VSAT networks, less than 100 remote terminals, we identify the solution based on the following criteria's :

  • Number of remote terminals
  • Network topology
  • Type of traffic: voice, data or video
  • Link requirements: Permanent or managed
  • Environmental constraints
  • Power supply constraints



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