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RF chains & HPA's

Satcom RF chain can be designed in different ways depending of the site and environment constraints. Antenna mount or indoor solution may be considered. Power amplification technologies are some time competing between SSPA’s and TWTA’s depending of power sizing, redundancy definitions, or even spare management.

Power consumption becomes also an important criteria with high power amplifiers when they are used for permanent applications.


Metracom the RF specialist :

Metracom proposes reliable solutions matching with the earth station architecture and taking into account all the environmental conditions and the power consumption optimization.

The offer addresses most of the Satellite frequency bands C, X, Ku Ka, L including extended bands and multi-bands solutions: 

  • HPA’s with or without BUC’s

  • Frequency converters (Up and down)

  • LNA and LNB

  • Single thread, (1+1) or (N+1)  including the whole package of wave guides, load, switches and cables. 


On specific requirement the Equipments are fully tested over the time to insure the specifications conformity. Depending of the installation region, test at temperature limits can be provided.

Metracom also propose Installation, training and technical support services to warranty the best operational conditions.



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