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Wireless camera

Wireless video transmission brings a great value for live event requiring mobility with the camera.

The digital version of wireless video transmissions is now widely used with fewer restrictions, thanks to the huge evolution of video compression and to the robustness of digital modulations. Wireless video transmissions can be now achieved with less picture degradations and less site restrictions. 

Live video production can, oftenly, be considered without any cable in much more applications than before bringing many advantages:
It brings more freedom for creativity with new view angles, more flexibility and mobility. The COFDM allows multi path reception, opening the door to line-of-sight transmissions.  And last but not least, the robustness against Doppler effects allows also fast moving applications such as transmissions form cars, motorcycles or UAV.
Digital wireless video improve also considerably the logistic constraints by avoiding any heavy cables to be carried and installed over the live event locations. This also improve Security aspect when these event are based on public or street areas


Metracom approach

With a long experience with RF transmissions since the start of the company, METRACOM proposes more and more compact solutions, easy to use and cost effective with the following main advantages:
  • Link reliability with DVB-T modulations or LMS-T, bringing up to 65% additional robustness
  • Short latency generally requested for sport events with multiple cameras, or news events with duplex transmissions reducing blackout periods.
  • Compact equipment designed to be used with small cameras, up to UAV applications.
  • Adaptability to any kind of vehicles: cars, motorcycle, helicopters.
  • Remote control functionalities such as camera control, Tally, talk-back,…
  • SD and HD solutions with upgradability
  • Variety of RF modules to extend frequency range
  • Linked multi-receivers solutions for coverage extension to support wide areas such as motor sport applications.



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