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Video over fiber

The growing use of HD video formats implies higher bit rates and new transfer interfaces such as nGigE. This mutation requires reviewing the approach to carry videos over longer distances, using optical fibers to maintain signal integrity. This also requires new solutions to interface, switch, combine, distribute, and multiplex all these video signals through the different work-flows.

This fiber transport has to be easily implemented in any existing video environment. It must be compact and scalable.

The Metracom approach :

Metracom proposes platforms based on 1RU chassis, allowing multi-formats to interface optical fiber transport, supporting CWDM/DWDM technologies.

This solution, supports bi-directional conversion between optical fiber and most popular electrical interfaces such as analog composite, which are SDI, HD-SDI, 3G, HDMI, ASI, AES, MADI, GigE…

For average distances up to 80 kms, this platform eradicates the need of costly video compression equipments. With up to 32x32 built-in routing switchers, it becomes easy to organize the video traffics, and allows the facility of switching, distributing or multiplexing signals between the electrical and optical interfaces.

The interface adaptors are based on standards SFP’s which are simple plugs and play modules allowing fast upgrade of the configuration, without any heavy hardware and firmware reconfiguration. 


Remote modules allow connecting mono or bidirectional link with the adequate physical interface.


The Optical Multiplexing (WDM) is used to group all media and LAN interconnect signals, up to 32 channels on a single fiber, to establish the connection between two sites of a few meters up to to several tens of kilometers. The platform is a more cost effective approach and easy to configure bridge between video productions facilities. 

A PC based software application allows the platform and its modules set-up. It also gives access to on-operation monitoring and control via SNMP. The management can be also supported third party NMS.



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