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Video compression

The variety of video encoders and decoders are getting wider every day, and each of them is dedicated to a growing range of applications. Compression algorithm reaches improving efficiency over time, in order to save bandwidth on networks, for storage to deliver video everywhere, and to face increasing picture definition. New video compression standards are coming on the market one after the other to access to these technology evolutions.

Taking into account required quality and performance levels, there are a wide range of available solutions with different configurations and price. According to the application, there are many criteria’s and functionalities to take under consideration to get the right solution.

Video compression with Metracom :

With more than 20 years of experience with Broadcast transmissions and distribution, Metracom proposes video encoder's,IRD's and decoder's on a case by case approach to provide the best fit with each type of application and specification.
For each application the main selection criteria are:
  • Video and audio compression standard
  • Constant bit rate, adaptive bit rate or stat-mux (VBR). 
  • Inputs and outputs interfaces
  • Latency restrictions
  • Single encoder or multi channels encoders
  • Equipment upgradability,
  • Equipment control, … 

By developing close partnerships with industry leaders in video compression, Metracom is able to propose equipment matching perfectly with your environment.



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