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Video monitoring


In the broadcast industry for Master Control Rooms, production and trafic centers managing a wide amount of incoming and outgoing video signals must be able to display this video content on screens or video walls for monitoring and control purposes.

This need is also present in Network operating centers (NOC), security control rooms (video surveillance), commercial areas (shopping centers)...

Expressed needs, always specific, reflect strong requirements in terms of signal types to display (video or computer) size of video wall, operation flexibility and scalability.

La solution Metracom :


Metracom offers professional multi viewer solutions qualified by many customers around the world.

These solutions can generate multi-viewer systems from simple to very complex: from the basic quad-split to huge systems managing 1000+ input signals and 50+ output screens.

Input formats capabilities must be as rich as possible:

  • SD / HD / 3G
  • Analog video
  • DVI / VGA
  • HDMI
  • ASI
  • IP




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