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Video contribution over telco networks

The development of networks and terrestrial infrastructure is constantly growing. These networks started there many years ago in Europe are now widely deployed, including the use of submarine cables.

Many operators have developed strong international land infrastructure linking virtually any point on the planet to another.

This leads to a revolution in the transmission world and in particular for video contribution: The satellite which remained the only reliable media is now strongly challenged by these networks.

Despite the reliability of terrestrial networks and security mechanisms inherent in MPLS for example, packets are still lost in the transmission and this is detrimental in a video transmission (appearance of artifacts or freeze frame). 


Metracom approach :

Metracom has identified and qualified market solutions to ensure video transport links with 100% reliability with zero packet loss, control and optimization of delay and jitter without the need for over-provisioning and significant extra costs.

These technologies, mainly based on transport security mechanisms such as FEC are "Media Aware" and help secure separately each network trunk, hop by hop. These solutions are able to identify the video packets in the IP traffic and secure them reaching 100% QOS .

What is true for managed networks, is also true for unmanaged networks (Internet).

Mechanisms described above come with an addition of new features such as retransmission of essential lost packets ( I-frame for example) to ensure a perfect flow of video transmission , even in remote areas where Internet is of poor quality, including conclusive tests up to 50 % packet loss.


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