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IP transport for mobile video

The high-bandwidth applications now offered by the mobile networks such as 4G, LTE or even WIMAX, or even Ka Band services on satellites, bring today a great opportunity for ENG video contributions for live transmissions or video file transfers. These new physical networks request transfer over IP and, generally, links bounding through several modems, to increase the link availability.   

This approach bring great advantages for the users, as they are easy-to-use solutions, and also costless in terms of investment and operational costs, but it remains some conditions such as operating within the high-bandwidth network coverage, having enough bit rate available from these “public” networks, or in the case of Ka Band Satellite, to not be disturbed by a strong rain fading.


The broadcasters consider these solutions as a good low-cost complement to the existing Ku Band SNG’s or optical fiber when the location allows it.  


Metracom approach

We propose solutions from the most popular equipment vendors.

In order to increase the link availability, we also propose a clever association of these cellular solutions with the Ka band SNG. This allows optimizing the bandwidth availability between the cellular networks and the satellite. The video is transmitted with adaptive bit rate to take the advantage of whole available bandwidth. 

By associating these new links to traditional SNG using Ku Band, the SNG station becomes a multi-purpose station able to address any kind of situation and requirement while reducing drastically the operational cost over the year.   





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