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At the transition period between DVB and IP, We have just launch the "Swiss knife" for live video transmissions, including Ku and Ka Satellite bands bounded with 3G/4G multi-modem and also wireless video using OFDM...

For the DSNG fleet upgrade, the coach building design has been entirely changed to allow any kind of operation from breaking news to much more complex special events production.

A 20 feet mast allows to setup omni antennas for any wireless links, or to install a pan and tilt camera. 

Lithium batteries for power supply gives an unexpected autonomy-vs-weight ratio, and an additional car engine generator allows to face operation without time limitation.

A dedicated automation software allows to quickly setup any Ku transmission equipment's on both sides: DSNG and traffic-room from everywhere as a client application. Above this, a scheduler allows to manage both ground and satellite ressources.



Medium and wide antenna installation requires very specific optical alignment process.

Three of our technicians have just been qualified for GD-Satcom antenna's alignment. This gives to METRACOM  more autonomy and efficiency these antenna installtion.




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