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Telecom operators

Satellite links are a great complement to terrestrial network for isolated area’s coverage. When terrestrial links become costly to deliver new services with fast growing bandwidth to few users far from the last node, satellite solutions with bandwidth allocation remain the more efficient way to complete the network.  Satellite is also the shortest way to establish reliable Back- up to any trunk on the network. 


Metracom approach

Metracom addreses telecom operators with various solutions, bringing continuous efforts to improve systems performances and reducing OPEX and CAPEX on a case by case basis..

VSAT networks  are mainly based on a Hub station and a variable number of remotes stations with different topologies. These solutions are strongly used to deploy the fast growing mobile networks to complete the coverage with ABIS and ATER Links. Each link can be easily sized to the bandwidth demand over the time. 

Truncking: Bandwidth efficiency is greatly supported by the continuous development on the Modems performances, with high efficient mod-cods, ACM and VCM, carrier-in-carrier, Dynamic bandwidth allocation with carrier management,… 

Link optimization for voice and data:  In addition to carrier efficiency improvements, suitable Equipment’s can bring Voice and data optimization. Based on compression and suppression of redundant information, these equipment’s maintain information integrity.

Fast deployable links:  to address temporary bandwidth demand on any location, Metracom design Mobile stations with BTS built on a truck or trailer. Transportable Fly Away bring also quick deployable solution for multipurpose activities: Voice, data and video. 

Video head-ends:  METRACOM propose Head-end solution for linear TV and VOD to the telecom operators, this is a way to increase the subscriber number and the ARPU.  More and more, the telecom operators are pro-active into the TV and Video content distribution based on the ADSL and cellular networks.  Metracom is provides solutions selecting the technology and the vendors for each project.



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