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Defence & Security

Defense and governmental organizations face year after year new communication challenges, with growing amount of data to transmit from any kind of location, and the quickest as possible.

Since many years, METRACOM bring a significant experience implementing engineering and integration processes to build and test fixed and mobile terminals to be used in specified environmental conditions.

Mainly based on COST equipment’s, the company can provide mechanical adaptation to address many specific requirements.

METRACOM answer to a wide range of solution and applications:

Tactical terminals: Small and light package up to man pack solution, these terminals are mainly dedicated to quick and easy deployment to transmit on the pause. We are packaging solutions manly based on commercial antennas and RF equipment’s, setting up Multi-bands terminal such as X and Ka band.

On The Move Terminals: With advanced tracking systems to keep the antenna aligned on the satellite, these solutions based on various technologies are providing connectivity on the way and on the stop without any antenna deployment task.

Maritime Terminals:  To be used on different size of vessels, Metracom integrate and test various reliable and high performances terminals to transmit and receive voice, data and video services.  For coverage purposes, Metracom can also propose rooming solutions to allow automating switching between different space capacity, combining modem and ACU settings.


Earth stations: METRACOM, designs, provides and set up ground segment for Satcom networks. The company also provides wide and multi-band receive only antenna's.

Spectrum monitoring: Partnering with high-valued companies dedicated to RF interference mitigation, Metracom integrate turnkey solution for carrier monitoring and RF interference mitigation.

METRACOM experience with civil applications brings a valuable advantage to build solutions mainly based on COTS products to save time and costs.  To address specific environmental constraints and Mil standards, Metracom provides customization on existing solutions and run tests for validation.


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