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Media distribution

Video content distribution is today is a wide topic, with fast technology evolution or even revolutions.  With its long experience, Metracom built solutions to address the following environments: 



Metracom approach

  • TVRO antennas and demodulators IRD’s with descrambling solutions

  • Microwave links with video over IP

  • Optical fibers adaptors for compressed or uncompressed video

  • QoS equipments for video contribution over the public network (Unmanaged links)

Video Head ends

- Video Encoding and transcoding solutions with multiplexors and NMS

- IPTV and OTT platforms


Video Monitoring

- Metracom propose a full range of video and audio monitors up to complete multi-viewer solution.




Keeping permanent partnerships with high valued vendors, Metracom is also addressing project to deploy global DTTV networks. 

DTH Up-link earth stations:

  • Earth station to feed several transponders with  reliable architecture and management systems

DTTV transmitter sites

  • TVRO antennas with demodulators

  • Transport stream remux for local content insertion

  • Transport stream adaptor to re-assign the DTTV  signalization





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