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The growing number of new solutions to carry audio and video content brings to broadcasters and video productions companies new ways to create and carry their contents. With its long experience of TV and media transmissions, METRACOM associates its know-how, with the digital permanent revolutions to validate and propose, on each scenario, the pertinent solutions.  The two main drivers’ to build systems are increasing the video and audio quality and reducing the cost of investment and operations. Mainly focus on video and audio transmissions, Metracom develop partnership with the most efficient equipment vendors, and selects solutions on a case by case basis to provide valuable solutions.

Metracom approach:

A wide range of products and solutions to better acquire and transmit your pictures:

Digital wireless camera:  for field production Metracom propose SD and HD video dockable transmitters and a wide range of receivers and functionalities to answer to the wide range of applications including wide area’s coverage.


SNG's and Fly Away's:  For live news, or sport events we design and integrate SNG vans and transportable antenna’s based on the user specifications. From the lightest solution, to the multi-purpose solution, as a single manual station to a completely managed fleet.

Hybrid transmissions: using satellite and Cellular bounded links to reduce the cost of the SNG operation, by reducing the use of space capacity, but keeping it to warranty the video transmission availability. 

Satellite antenna farm: As a teleport architect, we provide turnkey solutions to optimize a mixt of fixed and motorized antennas for multi-satellites application. With Rxo and Tx/Rx antennas, we define the antenna diameters based on link budget computations. Taking into account the site constraints, we work on the antenna position optimization and provide the civil work requirement prior to the installation.

L band routing:  Proposing Coaxial and optical fiber solution to carry the L band signals between the antenna and the traffic-room, Metracom identify state-of-the-art solutions to build the global solutions including L band matrix, distribution and splitters.

Video encoders and IRD's: Integration of various Encoder's and receivers/decoders to collect the different news contents from SNG’s, as live transmission or file transfers for breaking news live events. Building smart solutions to manage and schedule the IRD pool, L band routing and the motorized antennas to provide more operational efficiency.

Video contribution: Metracom provides solution, to transmit and distribute the video content with different approach:  using uncompressed video on black fiber solutions, using managed network or public networks with QoS, or with satellite Up and down link solutions.

Video monitoring: With its video transmission experience, METRACOM includes and integrates also State- of- the-art Multiviewer and routing switchers Coax (BNC)  or IP (GigE).



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